Which pilot do you want to be?


This program is geared towards those requiring an FAA license to gain employment. Our FAA Airline Pilot Program is fully-structured and will take you from zero flight experience to an FAA commercial pilots license in as little as eight months. More…


The EASA Pro-Pilot Program is fully-structured and takes you through a series of flight training elements, including basic flight, advanced ATPL ground school, Jet Transition Training and the EASA commercial pilots license, all this in just 14 months. More…

Airborne Career Academy is part of the V1 Aero Group – a global group of aviation training companies.
V1’s headquarters is in Florida USA.

Airborne offers both FAA American training and EASA pan-European training courses. These services allow us to cater to anyone wishing to become a professional pilot from across the globe. Read what our students say here.